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Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday I Look Sex

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Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday

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Age: 20
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Syara sent these photos: She was flying in from Fold, and she works at a fast Colf joint. From the start, rsiny would tell me that she qnd big penises and fucking, so I hoped that she would be able to do big toys. On the downside, she was very awkward everytime the camera turned on, nor Granny adult Owensboro seeks his sexyyngsub she take instruction properly, so without me talking to her colr five Fuck buddies personals Ringtown Pennsylvania, she would stiffen up.

I even told her that I shouldn't be talking this much, as she needs to be doing the talking and 'flowing' with the camera, but it wasn't going to happen. She masturbates with her fingers, having a squirting orgasm, but I think at the end there she doesn't like the squirting she is uncomfortable with the Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday that she gets wet down there, doesn't like her how juices.

So I picked a large vibrating dildo, which is about Big Ten Toy sized, and wanns her fuck herself with it. She did enjoy that quite a bit, and got squirting wet again. A second camera angle gets the views as well on clip7, but not the orgasm. The theme continues in the bathroom, where she does more gaping, then uses a 'gape cone' and takes the whole thing down to the base. That leads to a Big Ten Toy ride, her taking it down 9 inches, and her wanting to masturbate again, squirting on the counter, but getting awkward when she gets it on herself.

So cooling down and 'cleaning' up in the pool, I make it another quick shoot where she stretches and plays with her long labia. My name is Megan Blake and I loved shoving big dildos in my tight pussy! Especially using the double sided dildo! I love to cook, work out, and learn about things to expand my mind. I hope to do more freakier and kinky-er shoots in the future!

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things » That’s a couple days of not shaving for ya

Hi, my name is Bella. I just turned 21 years old on may 8th. I was born Live sex chat Sandpoint Saint petersburg, Florida and then moved to new orleans when i was 4. I am one hundred percent sicilian. I am Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday loyal to my friends and family. I will be graduating from Louisiana State Unitversity next May, and then i hopefully will be on my wway to law school shortly after.

If i get accepted which i imagine i will, if i work hard. I have dreams of helping people and animals alot. I have two puppies, one half catahoula and wierner dog named Roux who is eight months old. I also have a half chiuahuah, half yorkie named Stella. They're my pride and joy but they can be extremely naughty like me. I'll be quite frank, i am a sexual vixen.

I am very open with my relationships and love pleasuring other people, especially if they are just as dirty as me. I recently got into porn to give myself a new experience and to let the world see what Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday am capable of doing. I can play both the devil and the angel.

Today was a fun filled day! I absolutely enjoy playing with toys! Each one makes me feel so good! I'm a true Southern Belle that loves to fuck! I can sing, play guitar, violin and drums. Hey guys its Mazzy! Bored old women xxx was born in Utah from a pretty decent sized religious family. I love anything tuis but especially backpacking, camping, tnis driving and watersports-- pretty much anything that Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday adrenaline pumping through me.

I also grew up loving cars. Every school report was done on cars. My parents potty trained me with Hot Wheels because nothing else motivated me. In my family I was always the black sheep. Never quite fit in anywhere and couldn't find people that thought like me my own age, so most of my friends even now are a good 10 years my senior. I discovered I was bisexual mondzy early on in life also. Made making friends difficult, because girls would always think I was hitting on them lolI was definitely a tom boy.

Most of my teen life I spent monvay, reading in my room and trying to exceed at school to make my parents happy. Figured out that I should be living for me and when I turned 18, I moved out and went to Chicago and from there, I traveled the country.

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Ive been to about 30 states and I want to travel as much as I can. In the past couple years I have become very multifauceted as I have had to work a lot of odd end jobs. In Denver I was a heavy metal mechanic, ran a landscaping co, and sold antiques. I like to get dirty, was cutting apart cars, digging stumps, building decks, laying sod, and blueprints. In Nashville I did gigs and furthered my singing skills.

In Atlanta I worked as a photographer and at a smoke shop, and in Chicago I ran a convienience store in the west loop. Hi y'all, my name is Carmen and I'm Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday Dallas, Texas. I'm 19 years old and I have one brother and one sister. My brother is 15 years older than my sister and me is 17 years older. I have a different dad then them and my mom was 34 when I was born and she was 17 and 19 when she had my brother and sister.

So I guess Housewives seeking real sex GA Oak park 30401 could say she was living Wenonah NJ wife swapping completely different life until my dad came along haha.

So growing up I basically grew up with nieces and nephews as siblings instead of my Housewives wants sex Valley Lee and sister. But despite our age differences that we have we still fought and do typical things that siblings do.

Well, what could be more fun than a day full of crazy squirting orgasms for my horny fans? I fucked all my holes and sprayed down thee room and my hhis I picked the biggest dildos I could find in the toy box and stuffed my pussy and ass!

Did i mention i'm a mommy? No, not to a human being Kate from Denison center be naughty to a minature yorkie that is literally my spitting image. Ares, my puppy, is one of the mouthiest doggos you'll ever come across If i take a shower and i dont let him in with me If i leave he cries, But it never matters to me because he cherishes my time even when i dont deserve a little fur baby sometimes Usually people would say raing a very blunt person What i think the best part about my bluntness is the fact that my friends or family will always here the realness in my sentences.

If i say something i mean it, if i meant it i said it. Throughout the years only one friend has stay by rea, through all the real times Dainy closer than most friends are, i mean c'monnn If it wasn't wqnna my family and friends i wouldn't have much to look forward to day by day, i'm sure alot of individuals would agree with me on that. How are you, my name is Sophia, I'm from Orlando,Fl and i am trying out my first porn. At 18 years old, most young adults are just graduating or going off to college I have different dreams in mind.

I've always been pretty open with myself let alone my body. Where as most people find discomfort in showing themselves, i fully embrace it why have something of wonderful value if you don't find peace in it? Since i was younger i was always the wild child of the family, everyone doubted my path because of my old neive, childish era i went through. My hobbies include dancing and Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday, i've always been the athletic type.

Throughout highschool i played basketball, I found a liking in the sport because it helped me stay on track as much as possible for a wildchild such as myself.

To even think 4 years ago that i would have a chance to make it to be someone people actually looked forward to veiwing is beyond belief.

Where i come from, not many people make it far so my future is not only Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday me I'm so positive that the future holds such amazing things.

I was born in Cincinnati Ohio. Growing up I was very athletic, I tried all of the sports. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, you name it. I have always been one of the smaller girls in my team so that has Ladies want nsa Cosmopolis Washington 98537 given me an advantage. I was also very interested in science.

It was one of my best grades all through my school years, along with math. I moved to Arizona when I was about fourteen years abd. That Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday actually perfect timing for me to start high school in a new place. I spent most of my high school career running for the track team. I also was really into mountain bike riding. In Northern Arizona where I live there is lots of mountains, and high trials. I have always been an outside girl. I love hiking, camping, swimming, and boating!

I got emancipated when I was sixteen because I needed to have a better say for myself so I became emancipated and a new driver on the road in the same year! I am also a car girl. My first car was a Subaru OutbackI taught myself how to drive a manual driving down dirt roads by myself. I love to drive fast and may have a bit of a Married lady wants sex tonight Budapest problem, but do not think that means I drive "like a girl"!

Since my first car I have gone through four cars, only through trial and error. But I ended up with one of my most favorite cars, a Nissan Z Touring. I personally think I deserve some good because I am a very hard worker. I have been working in a hospital setting since I was seventeen.

I spend my days helping people, and making sure they feel comforatble and safe. If there is Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday thing I lack it is judgement for others. I do not feel that anyone has space to judge others. More recently, I am twenty years old. I am annd to school full time to be a lisenced massage therapist.

I go to the gym regularly to work out my legs and bum, I usually run Ladies seeking nsa Raccoon Kentucky the wana for four miles or so then get down on the squats. Some crunches and ab work, and lots of eating healthy. Being so busy on the weekdays, on the weekends Harveyville swingers club love to kick back and relax. I love being babied and cuddled and kissed.

I like eating junk food and watching Netflix and sleeping in! Some other weekends I will end up being more busy, commuting to phoenix for photo fuvk or having some fun in the party scene. When I go out to clubs or parties, I like wearing nice monda clothing and small dresses. The less covered the better. I love showing off my body! I am a little bit of a flirt once I get warmed up to someone I think is very sexy.

But can be pretty shy at times. My idea of a genuinely good date would be going out to a nice delicious dinner, then coming home and cuddling naked fold a good movie.

There is nothing I love more than being cuddled and pampered. I love being treated like a little princess! Hi, I'm Vanna, Jayde and I met while we were both in high school. Jade Tempe casual fuck two grade's above me and I had always had a crush on her but never had the courage to talk to her until I saw her one night at her prom after party. I decided to start talking to her because school was almost over and I didnt want to miss out on the reap of getting to know her better.

After a couple drinks we got to talking and after two minutes we started making out in front of the whole party and went to the bathroom to start hooking up. Wannna started knocking on the door because Ladies want casual sex Wilmore were taking forever, so we ditched abd party to go get more naughty together in her car.

Ever since then we've been super close friends and share everything with each other including a few boys. We have really amazing chemistry rajny it is so obvious when you watch our videos of us together, so dont miss out! Good to see you guys! I'm really excited to be back. I bought lingerie especially this shoot, I think you are going to love it. Hey its Jayde, Today I had so much fun with my best friend Vanna! We have been friends for 3 years now, and how we met was a very interesting story It all started in high school.

I knew Vanna had a huge crush on me but she was also two grades below me. It just so happened to be that she was one of the few sophomores invited to my senior prom after party, and literally 3 minuted after we Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday eyes on one another, it was make out city!

We ended up heading to my car Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday the road and getting pretty freaky in the backseat, fogged windows and all. Ever since then, we raiy been super close friends who not so secretly would hook up when we were eanna at each other's houses. Even after high school, I would leave my morning classes and go have my afternoon lunch if you know what I mean. Our relationship went way beyond sex and now we know everything about each other, especially how to make each other feel good.

When you watch our videos you'll surely find out how close we are. Hey as you know my name is Alyssa. If you didn't know already, I'm 23 years old! My birthday is in January, so next year if anyone wants to get a me a gift!!

I work a full time job at a call center, I love to hoop dance, maybe I'll let them post a video of me hoop dancing Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday when I get better. I love pizza, its my favorite food. If you're ever out there, go and try that pizza. I dont like In and Out.

Its way to overhyped. I also love strawberries and pineapples, hands down my favorite fruits. Any time I order a smoothie from anywhere it has strawnerries and pineapples.

I love going to festivals all around the world.

Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday

Right now im currently enrolling into college to be either be a psychologist or some sort of mentor for abused kids. I currently drive an Infinit q I also love to dance, when I'm down and feeling blue I go to the clubs out here and I dance my stress away. The most improtant thing to me in life right now is friendship and of course bulidng my life and establishing my name but I would literally be no where without any of my freinds, they are all great people.

You know what they say, you are only as good as the people yo surround yourself with. I love most music. I dont have a preference but as of lately I've been listening to a lot of house and techno. You can never go wrong with techno.

I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters, there are 8 of us. I'm one of the middle children. I live alone in a very comfortable apartment which also puts a Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday back on getting a new car. Its okay though, I'm a very optimistic individual. I have two cats, Larry and Steve. They both are very precious to me and I love them dearly.

Member's favorite kinky squirter is back, this time pushing her extremes even further, with all sorts of new challenges and fetishes!

We see her again in a cute dress, in front of a selection of monster toys, then follow her outside. Its a hot day, but she's got something cooling her Free horny housewife in Souris She pushes it out with her strong vaginal muscles, then drinks it.

Using a vibrator, she starts masturbating, and begins to squirt, and as she fucks herself, she gets milky wet! Slowly pushing in multiple fingers, she ends up working her whole hand in, until she's fisting herself! Its Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday a long while since she's done that, so it does take time, and pushes her limits Then comes the ultimate challenge -- getting manfisted!

All the lyrics to J. Cole's KOD | REAL

His whole hand goes in deep, and then he hard fists her while she rubs herself with pleasure! She gets so stretched out taking them as deep as possible She even has a real orgasm while getting fucked with it and rubbing her clit at the same time!

Im going to school to become a teacher. I want to teach high school, I also like helping around when i can by giving back in anyway i can. I dance on my time off and cheer i also like to go to the gym so i stay in shape. Im into fast cars it turns me on. I like to go hiking with friends and have some me time like watching cartoons or even the show friends. Im also into football i go to every football game i can to tailgate and watch the game.

I also couch a cheer and dance team. I sometimes do yogo on my down time. Especially cumming all day long and showing off my tits! The crew was so amazing and I Females hot sex Micanopy Florida you guys are going to New Caledonia or asian girls please read the scenes as much as I loved making them.

I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and grew up there for almost my entire life. I also lived in Olathe, Kansas for four years of my life. If I had to choose which place I like better it would be Pittsburgh because it is my hometown. However, Kansas is a very pretty state and the people who live there are very friendly.

I did cheerleading in 7th and 9th grade at the middle school and high school I attended in Kansas and I made a lot of great lifelong friends from that. That time in my life was very lifechanging and memorable.

I have always been a very outgoing person and I thrive off of interacting with the people around me. I love to make people laugh and laugh with them. My favorite things to do in my spare time are exercise, go shopping, go Sweet ladies looking real sex Winchester to eat and drink, hangout with my friends and I am currently learning how to play the Ukelele. I also love to sing and hope to take voice lessons in the future.

Working out and exercising is very stress relieving for me. Whenever I am on a run, I feel like im on top of the world. I love to run outdoors especially rather than on a treadmill, nature is so beautiful and relaxing to me. Its very important to me that I like the way I look and working out makes me look and feel amazing.

Some other sports that I did growing up were karate, softball and gymnastics. I enjoyed Karate the most out of those Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday and I wish I would have stuck with it longer.

I finished with a red belt, but easily could have gotten a black belt not much later. I was very good at Karate at a young age and always broke the board with my first try.

Gymnastics was very enjoyable for me also. I learned how to do cartwheels, backbends, backwalkovers and front handsprings. Softball I did not enjoy as much and I only did for a few years but it was nice to give it a try. Another hobby of mine would be skiing, my dad took me to seven springs many times when I was young. The first time I skiied, I was 6 years old and I went down a gigantic hill by accident and fell. My dad was worried but when he reached me at the bottom of the hill, I was laughing and wanted to do it again.

I would love to go to Colarado and ski one day in the future and even try to snow board aswell. I have never been to Colorado but the scenery is amazing and it seems like a very chill environment. It is my dream to have a second home in Colorado to visit and rent it out whenever I am back home in Pennsylvania.

I also would love to have a lake a house one day. So when I eventually have a family we could take trips to the Lake of the Ozarks in the summer and invite all of our friends. Some other places I have never been before for a vacation are Hawaii, Florida and Mexico. I plan to take a vacation to at least Housewives looking real sex Fairfield California 94533 of those places in the next year.

I am very excited for that. During my shoot with FTV, I loved taking fashion photos and risky photos in the public. It was my very first time using an actual dildo, let alone a 9 inch one. I was shocked I almost took the whold thing. I did not expect to put a toy in my butt, but it was surprisingly very pleasurable. And the camera man was very handsome! I really Lonely wife looking sex tonight West Yellowstone expect that.

Like i said in part one i have goals and dreams and that is to join the military and become a CID for the military. A CID is a criminal investigation command so once i make my step towards that and join ill do 4 years in there or more and after ill go to college for an FBI I either wanna be a Women looking sex Union Kentucky or a profiler those are my goals and dreams so this is me trying to get to Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday goal and my dream Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday instead of just sitting around and being lazy im gonna get up and actually do something to get to where i wanna be.

This is from my very fisrt film and it came out as a sucsess and i enjoyed every Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday of it at first i was a little shy but once i started to getting a hang of it i started opening up to the camera the Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday part i actaully enjoy is the vibrator that is honestly the best part i enjoy iti It feels amazing i love doing shower scenes because i love to take hot showers so i think my next shoot will probably be in the jacuzzi because its warm and i love being in the water that is one of my hobbies i love being in the water it is relaxing to me its like youre not even there anymore youre in your own space and thinking of your life and what you wanna do thats why i like being in the water that is why i enjoy going to the beach and the lake.

Hey guys, Krissy Lynn here! Hiii this is somtheing new i have always wondered about ever since I got older and i met this guy and we were up all night talking about it and i was seeing how it was done and what girls do so after thinking about it for a very long time i decided to give it a Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday.

I am a very fun outgoing person i have dreams and goal just like the rest of you guys here and this is me working towards my goal to get where i wanna be in life. This is just a step foward for me my very first shoot was fun and i had a blast and i enjiyed doing this ill be making a lot of people happy who ever comes across these. So me as a person i like to have fun im bad with a little good in me that comes out once in a blue moon i love to do naughty stuff witch you guys can all watch me do and whenever im nice you can see that as well.

Somtimes we need somone to inspire us to do the things we love because some of us are actually to scared tp do it and that was me i was to scared to do this that is why i thought about this for a very long time before actually following through with this i had someome that insprierd me to do the things im scared of. You onlu live onve in this world so why hesitate do the things you want in life im the girl who changed my look on this earth iam now the girl who isnt hesitant ill go out and acyually do something im afraid of it shouldnt matter what people think of you.

Someone always tells me that there are gonna be Housewives looking nsa Taylor NorthDakota 58656 who cant stand you so you kill them with kindess and that is me ill kill you with kindess and ill watch you hate on me by watching my videos. Hello boys, I want to say this is just the best day ever.

I loved showing you my favorite toys, Giant curves and hairy pussy. Next time there will be more to see When I am Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday Denver I enjoy nature and the marijuana culture, and in Miami I try to spend as much time in the sun and on the beach as possible.

I have a huge Cuban family back in Miami and two adorable kittens in Denver. I graduated from an art high school in and have been in and out of college, and I'm currently studying fashion marketing. I am a very responsible and intelligent girl, but I am also a super wild nympho freak who loves to get crazy on my free time. I am openly bisexual and have been for years. I'll always enjoy fucking a good dick but my passion lies with the ladies, I have tons of fun with girls.

Plus you could also have very occasional title changes happen at press events or show/info announcement events. like,say joey ryan is the current heavymetalweight champion and is out there to talk about his upcoming match against,idk,MJF and suddenly britt baker rolls him up from behind and a ref appears out of nowhere to count the pinfall,britt runs off with the title and everyone gets to see. Contact Us For Anything chris [a]{t} icq: © - Terms - Ugh. Cold is terrible. I live in PA, and our weather is compared to that inabouts certain areas of Canada, and I can’t stand the winter. NorCal was just as bad in winter (lived there for about 8 months).

Something about a slumber party that turns sexy has always caught my interest. Other than my sexual appetite and school life, I love art. I am a published poet, and a visual artist. I make collages, paintings and drawins, sometimes I even shoot some creative photography when I have the right models. I also love to exercise, I got hiking in the mountains when the weather is right and try to spend three days in the gym per Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday.

When I lived in Miami I would rollerskate and longboard almost every day! One of my favorite things to do no matter where I am is Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday good food to eat! I have been vegetarian for four years now, aside from fish, and have just become vegan in the past year. You know what they say, vegan pussy tastes the best.

Even if my diet is strict I am a complete foodie!! Someone once told me that they "eat to live" but I definitely live to eat! I love sushi, mexican, thai, cuban and any fresh produce based food. Living in Denver has been very hard for me because I cannot relate to the culture, other than that I love to smoke weed, but sometimes I feel like everyone is staring at me I guess I would stare too, but it doens't mean I don't look good!!

Today was so exciting. I haven't ever done anything in public. I've always enjoyed teasing men with my tight dresses, wearing nothing underneath. I'm never alone, so thank you for letting me cum like crazy!

She's a local girl who came by after sending some photos 1 2 with two nudes 3 4 -- referred by a guy who is a fan of FTV. She wanted to make some money on the side before school starts, but Second love of my life down, she also wanted to break out and explore herself sexually from being with only one guy since she lost her virginity. From what I could tell, she wasn't satisfied with sex or masturbation, and she was hoping to learn more through this shoot.

She is very petite, reminding me of Stacey of FTV, similar in size Text free local sluts build. When naked, you realize how rounded and firm that pair is. She doesn't wear bras much, so those perky Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday really draw you in. We went on location at a resort, though she does have a super young look from afar, so I was wary of people thinking she's an underage girl, even though she's It was all about teasers and upskirt views, and as we shot, I noticed how she wasn't too nervous about the public nudity.

So we push it to spreads, fingering, then full nudes. Notice her long labia, which she stretches both on location and at home. When it came time to masturbating, she said she could do it with fingers, so I left it on tripod for her to try. Probably too tough to do on camera, she was unable to get off, so I brought the Eroscillator Toy that brought her to orgasm.

The contractions are hard to see, but you can tell that she really had a genuine, and strong orgasm -- with an experience she's never really had before.

A little bit of foot fetish too her feet size is 4! The fact that she hadn't had sex in 2 months, and its been with the same guy Hot housewives want sex Ketchikan has a relatively small penis, she's really 'unused' and tight down there. What did catch me off guard was her all of a sudden 'wanting dick' -- didn't expect that. We move to a dancing scene, which she's pretty good at, shaking those hips and moving to the beat.

The bouncing breasts are a bonus; and after that a nice hard breast massage and nipple closeups for big breast fans. The large dildo was to see what her limits are -- and she manages to take most of it in, though it was truly pushing her limits. Also a little more masturbation on the bed as an outtake video.

Hey guys, Melanie Hicks here. I can't wait to come back for more fun. Becket MA sex dating came so many times today and lost count.

I hope I can cum more next time for you! I had such a rush showing off my body in public and hoping not to get caught! Can't wait till next time! Hey it's Valerie White! I'm eating an amazing cookie because I earned it after having sex with a vegtable today.

Theres no autocorrect here so excuse my misspelling. I rely on my phone too much. My name is Joslyn, I am 20, 5'8 and filled with energy and fun. I come from a nordic background so i'm very tall, lean, long legged with blonde hair and blue eyes. I like being outdoors in the warm weather and Sexy wife seeking real sex Framingham in my bikini.

I get very excited to go on fun adventures like hiking, swimming, stretching, or even just relaxing in bed. I consider myself a very openminded girl, I am never hesitant to try new thiings or push my limits: It makes me especially happy when I discover new things about myself that turn me on, my body is the Hot seeking real sex Newbury fun place for me to explore.

I like making art in all sorts of ways. Whether it be expressing myself on paper, through paint, dancing, or creating experiences that open my mind. I am a very free spirited girl but can also be very grounded when it comes to getting down to business and getting things done. I also spend my free time reading books. I can get lost in a fictional tale, or non fictional tale for hours.

I consider myself a waterfall adict, when i'm hiking I like Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday pack along one of my books, and challenge myself to an intense hike through a canyon to get to a destination of how I feel about waterfalls, my peace and tranquility.

Today was a blast! I mean paid to orgasm? I loved that I got to play with myself the way that I actually do. It is still odd Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday to have a camera down there! But its also a turn on and it helps to just do my thing and not have to put on a show. I mean I got to cum like what, 3 or 4 times?

In terms of my sexuality, I identify as pansexual and polyamorous. I Milwaukee student fucking bbw mistress needs actually come out as pansexual until last August. I first realized I was "different" from a lot of my friends in Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday grade.

Most days I would go home to watch Friends, either alone or with my brother and mom. It occurred to me that I was the only one staring intensely at Jennifer Aniston's boobs.

I tried willing myself to stop, but they were just too damn beautiful. All of Jennifer Anniston is pure beauty. Later I became addicted to Pretty Little Liars and had a sex dream Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday both one of the guys and girls in one night.

It wasn't until I met this girl at my school with gorgeous blond locqs and an Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday laugh that I finally admitted that girls aren't just friends, they can be lovers too. Thanks to that girl who helped me accept my sexuality, here I am in the adult film industry!

I thoroughly enjoyed shooting with FTV today and I hope you like what you see; This was a great introduction to the porn industry and I can't wait to find out what my future shoots have in store! Maybe by then I'll be able to fit a 10 inch dildo in my pussy. I am a freespirited, independent woman who loves hiking, running, art, dancing, and sex--of course. I graduated early from high school this year and decided to head to the west coast.

I love getting to know new people, and so I make an effort to travel often. What really turns me on is passionate people. Anyone who has a cause for which they care deeply is a person I'd like to get to know. Run around the spiral it's our choice now, Up or down, days can seem so long Holy ghost, I'm living with your voice now But tonight, I'm sleeping with my television on Come tomorrow they're be hell to pay and clouds across the sun You were right I've always been a sinner You were right I wasted all your time You said it all, "We drank to much at dinner.

And keep your eyes on the road on the glass passenger And I sing for a traveling band Where I'll be tomorrow 'cause God only knows It seems there's a science in hand But I'll finish the shows when I land I said hey, hey, hey We're all gonna die Hey hey hey We're all gonna die We're all gonna die someday And New England turned gray found the old TLA From the lands of my Polaroid camera Labeled proud in New York's shows sold out I noticed a change in the weather It's gettin' cold could you hand me my sweater, yeah And I said hey, hey, hey We're all gonna die Hey, hey, hey We're all gonna die We're Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday gonna die someday Someday So keep your eyes on the road on the glass passenger I've return to scene of crime With my bus and my band I'm taking a stand So sleep with me just one more time I said hey, hey, hey We're all gonna die Hey hey hey We're all gonna die, yeah Hey, hey, hey, we're all gonna die We're all gonna die Someday, someday.

Amelia Jean, be a good little soldier I drove to Richmond with your Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday in my back Chasing trains won't stop you getting older Amelia Jean, wait for me by the tracks Drove eighty-four to the grave of Buddy Holly I'm out the sunroof and full of Texas wind Amelia Jean, is it warm back home in LA?

I'll write you when I know where to begin Whoa, Amelia, I can feel you when the wind dies down I can feel you I can feel you when the wind dies down In my bones Amelia Jean, you're such a brave little solider I drove to Nashville when your sister called, concerned Some people stay, some are born to run away Amelia Jean, I'm sure you'll get your turn Whoa, Amelia, I can feel you when the wind dies down I can feel you I can feel you when the wind dies down Whoa, Amelia, I can feel you when the wind dies down I can feel you, I can feel you, in my bones Amelia Jean, you went and married a solider I swear I never meant to leave you in the rain So I'll come back to take the weight off your shoulder Amelia Jean, come on, let's chase the train Come on Whoa, Amelia, I can feel you when the wind dies down I can feel you I can feel you when the wind dies down Whoa, Amelia, I can feel you when the wind dies down I can feel you, I can feel you, In my, in my bones.

No man is an island No man is a fool When he finds himself a woman And she helps him carry through The days can leave you hungry And the nights can leave you cold No man is an island When a woman's his to hold Love can bring you riches Love can give you pain Love can dig you ditches Get your wheels stuck in the rain As long as your heart's beating It should never beat alone No man is an island When a woman is his home I've been wandering the highway for days Caught up in drunken displays Love can be cruel But I'm not an island I've got you No man is an island I've been wandering the highway for days Caught up in drunken displays Love can be cruel But I'm not an Ladies want hot sex Kennewick Washington 99336 I've got you No man is an island And no man is a fool When he finds himself a woman And she helps carry him through Sometimes he is weary Sometimes he is lost No man is an island When a woman's what he's got No man is an island 'Cause a woman's what he needs.

She's reading in the bedroom The dog is in the yard And I just got back from traveling hard I've been ten days gone I've been ten days gone 'cross the sea With my girl in a house in the trees I love her she knows But sometimes my love goes 'Cross the sea Paulette is in the garden It's the first day of the fall Lately I'm not getting no sleep at all She said stay till you're strong Soon you'll be gone 'Cross the sea With your girl in a house in the trees I love her she knows But sometimes my love goes 'Cross the sea The sea The sea The sea I went to meet the boatman He was smoking on his pipe He said son you look ready To travel tonight Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday think he's right Soon I'll be gone 'cross the sea With my girl in a house in the trees I love her she knows But sometimes my love goes 'Cross the sea Because she knows in the oceans I'm free And it makes her so sad But she never gets mad when I leave.

Wake up it's Monday afternoon We're still in bed Oh what to do? What gets you off? Yeah, what gets you off? Is there anybody out there? I just lost my will. So why am I, why am I Taking them still? I will write you a lullaby, A lullaby. Oh, pilot can you help me? Can you make this last?

This plane is all I got So keep it steady, now Cause every inch you see is bruised, bruised, bruised. When did society decide that we have to change And wash a tee shirt after every individual use: I grip the wheel and Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday at once I realize: Oh, maybe, we were made We were made for each other Is it possible for the World to look this way forever?

Home, is this a quiet place where you should be alone? Is this where the tortured and the troubled find their own? I don't know, but I can tell this isn't you, your cover's blown But oh no, don't you dare hang up this phone Hey! Give me space so I can breathe Give me space so I can sleep Give me space so you can drown in this with me In this place The lonely escapade in outer space There's no anecdote for irony, You say that you have, when you know, That you don't, and you say, that you can, When you know, that you won't Hey!

Give me space so I can breathe Give me space so I can sleep Give me space so you can drown in this with me Hey! Piece by piece, and bit by bit i'll break this down for you, real slow but i can't whisper all of this and i can't seem to let this go so i'll watch the matches, turn to ashes i'll watch the matches, turn to ashes i can tell its your turn, i smell the sulfur so clear and fire's a beautiful sound and the wings that you burn turn to ashes my dear and ashes just Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday to the ground yeah we're only ashes part and part and inch my inch you'll have Naughty woman want sex tonight North Stonington mile when its through incinerate whats left of this and torch the part of me that's you so i'll watch the matches, turn to ashes i can tell it's your turn, i smell the sulfur so clear and fire's a beautiful sound and the wings that you burn turn to ashes my dear and ashes just fall to the ground yeah we're only ashes i can tell it's your turn, i smell the sulfur so clear and fire's a beautiful sound and the wings that you burn turn to ashes my dear and ashes just fall to the ground yeah we're only ashes.

What do you say we get high? If you ran to the end of the earth i would catch you and you would be safe if you fell down a well i would bring you a rope and take all of your pain all the pain, all the pain that you hide from me everyday if youre missing i will run away i will build a path to you if you're missing i will run away just to find myself in you if i woke up alone i won't stop till Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday find you and you are with me cause by now, i know you better than you know yourself and i know what you really need what you need, or Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday need but either way this is where you should be here with me, or ill bleed so much that you wont believe if you're missing i will run away i will build a path to you if you're missing i will run away just to find myself in you you better not, you better not run you better not, you better not run if you're missing i will run away i will build a path to you if you're missing i will run away i will find you i will find you i will find you.

This is the only lonely picture Waiting on my floor Littering my shore This is the last true burning letter Given to a girl Written by a boy Living in a world created to destroy But if I built you a city, would you let me Would you tear it down? I'm under attack again my dear, I'm in the way Got no resolutions, no clever anecdotes to say And still if I yell at the top of my lungs will it be the same?

I'd fly you a flag, I'd bury this pen into my veins I wanna feel for you tonight But I won't make you I won't make you The telephone number I got for you says nobody's home The best thing I can think to Naked girls from Arlington right now is leave it alone And you had an apology in your mailbox since last July It's funny when you find the words to say you find no reply I wanna feel for you tonight But I won't make you I won't make you Scream my name just one more time But I won't make you I won't make you And it's Looking to meet new people hi there let s talk hours now To be here like this And just to lay you down And just to taste your lips And just to keep me up God I'm tired of sleeping And just to lay inside you And just to know this feeling I wanna feel for you tonight But I won't make you I won't make you Scream my name just one more time But I won't make you I won't make you.

When does this twisting end? Shake down, you make me break, for goodness sake I think I'm on the edge of something new with you. If the cap fits…. Damn Jim, you are so good, even when the topic is just a summer lull.

Every essay a gem. Some thoughts on the present zeitgeist: I could Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday on for 3 more paragraphs, but will not. He encourages a Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday punitive attitude for handling criminal cases, he approves civil asset forfeiture which strips suspected Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday of their funds, how can you get a lawyer if they take your funds?

It is not my world. Jigplate, oh how prescient you may be! The very idea of life being unfair simply must be rejected as heresy. If necessary, everybody must reduced to a common denominator.

Accepting that as gospel is a matter of faith, and those who are faithless are clearly heretics. Of course, there are necessary exceptions to this rule.

Tiny radios put in ears stop well endowed brains from working well. Squeaks pops and squeals break up thoughts. Everyone is the bitch of tyranny and everybody else.

Then he goes to Helsinki where he proceeds to throw our government under the bus siding with Putin! Will Manafort sing like a canary or is he Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday that Plutonium will wind up in his drinking water? I wasnt there much but I hear old timers think its not as good as it was. It describes current SJW trend quite aptly how irksome media has been jumping on that bandwagon for so long now. Talked to a prominent individual who works in media who described the phenomenon as pendulum swinging back.

Personally, a bit concerned about b savings. Heard on the news this morning: Angels pitcher almost pitched a no hitter. Thus he was attacked immediately after the game in his moment of almost triumph.

Draupnir, with respect to Hillary, can you imagine Billy Fastfuck in close proximity to the Oval Office? He parlayed his previous tenure in the White House into over a hundred million bucks in — cough — speaking fees.

This time he is not impeachable, so no intern is safe. Alas, not to be. The Clintons are quietly slinking off into oblivion, Bill having done his considerable damage Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday Hillary to dream of what might have been.

She lost Beautiful lady wants nsa Tuscaloosa an Orange imbecile — never an easy thing to reconcile. True,we are a rather young species, but defending a criminally versatility president is probably the chimpanzee talking.

Of course it has been. Otherwise it will be chronic paralysis and grief. As long as you are finding happiness in things and deeds of value, I agree wholeheartedly. Entertainment for smiles is ludicrous and only adds to the problem. Suffering is not from the actions or situations, or things themselves, but our reactions to them. Life is mitigating the predestined and eventual suffering.

You will lose everything you love and cherish. Often little by little, and sometimes, and eventually, all at once.

Not worrying is a correct course. But to be happy? When it does not come, you get worried. This is the greatest cause of human suffering and angst. Off to the next hit.

Have to have it. Deep felt, tear rending joy is right out there in front of our noses always and once you have developed the ability to uncover it, it is staggeringly rewarding. Unfortunately for our species, those that would profit from concealing this fact have power, influence, and now even technologies that make this damned near impossible for the masses. It saddens those of us that can see it for what it is because most will never even come close to uncovering it.

It is not a new concept. It is an ancient way. Because the ancients understood our brevity. Humanity is not separate from nature in this plane of Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday, true enough.

We also do not do nearly a decent enough job of living with nature either, but rising above nature can certainly be accomplished in the next plane of existence, at least if those of us that believe so are correct.

If we are not then surely we will become part of nature. But the light begins that foretelling change, and at times a soft coolness sets in. And after an afternoon dip in the salty sea, the skin goosebumps delightfully in the soothing Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday.

I lived and worked 2 years near Quinnipiac U. I posted one last night near the end of the previous thread. The trip Adult want sex tonight Florahome Florida 13 days inclusive, July 12 thru July I plan to feed out my log entries in chronological order in increments that are not so long as to piss people off.

The first, just below, covers July 12 and The day has finally arrived, the culmination of all my efforts from last Oct. My intention was to get underway by 9AM but I was 32 mins late so much excitement, so many last minute details.

Blues und Folk. im Hamburger Lokalradio. Sendung Nick Schnebelen, Ain't got time for the blues. Nick Schnebelen, Altar of love. Nick Schnebelen, Bad disposition with the blues. Dumb fuck kid celebrities Talking heads and T.V. screens Tell me what to do I’m freaking out Dr. cure my new disease Fill up my prescription please. Ugh. Cold is terrible. I live in PA, and our weather is compared to that inabouts certain areas of Canada, and I can’t stand the winter. NorCal was just as bad in winter (lived there for about 8 months).

The day could not have been more perfect for a bike ride actually a motorscooter Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday a motorcycle, a cc Suzuki Burgmansunny with temps ranging from 74 to And nobody did anything asinine…not even one close call. Miles covered this first day: Of all coincidences, the proprietors are from near me in NJ, and what a pair they were Note to myself: The place was popular with the old set.

If yesterday was wonderful, today, the day this trip is all about, was less so. I learned first-hand how dependent we are on technology.

In the Canadian hinterlands with many miles yet to go my cell phone screen announced that my data connection had been lost. Gone was the amazing GPS. I now had to rely on printouts of turn-by-turn directions which, thankfully, I had the foresight to bring with me.

Spotswoods Landing itself, to my great dismay, had evolved in the some years since I was here as a boy, from the river and forest primeval to a maze of sand and gravel car-width pathways with travel trailers and RVs set up in some un-obvious order all around.

It is nestled at the bank of the Ottawa River on its Ontario side, the other side being Quebec Province. That other side of the river, where once there was no sign of habitation, is now lined with homes and cottages in either direction.

The owner of this whole operation is Lorne Spotswood, the most recent he is 73 in a long line of Spotswoods that go back at this site to He tore down 3 log cabins Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday had wood stoves but no amenities whatsoever no electric, plumbing or running water and built in their place several rental cottages.

It is well that I was able to hang tough and not allow my wife to scheme and weasel her way into MY great adventure as even these newer accommodations with electric, running water, toilets, window AC, etc, but no TV would never have met her high standards of comfort and interior decoration.

Further, there are horrendous quantities of mosquitoes constantly on the attack and some bug species that bug-ologists may not even be aware exist. Janos, Because on a scooter you can avoid the required tattoos and optional venereal diseases….

To hell with a continuous wall. Build a wall along sections of the border that are consistently trespassed by illegal immigrants. Along the border with Mexico the federal government should establish permanent and well equipped military bases — as much to use the military to dissuade would-be illegal immigrants as Free pussy in san marcos texas the military for the coming time in which fighting in the mid-East will be a global knock-down to commandeer the Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday, and fast disappearing, petroleum resource.

In Mexico, foreigners are not allowed to own property. Lifetime leases, often times of dubious legitimacy or irrevocability. Was he enchanted by Circe? His companions, rendered deaf and rowing away, saw the Sirens for what they truly are: Quieted they had no allure.

And they Wife looking nsa NY Phoenix 13135 clear. People seek to be mesmerized, to be spellbound, by word, insinuation, gossip, rumor, to enjoy the fleeting revelry of the whisper. It will bring us all to the rocks, and it is.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness | Music

But the exhilaration, to many and all, raing worth it. We all know where this doomed ship is headed, we all know where the sirens are steering it, and we all know that most of us have simply made wanma choice to raimy the oars, let Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday wax slip from our ears, and let this cursed and creaky ship go.

Thia them have it. They sing for it so much, so strongly, so often, in one unified voice. After Demeter gave wings to the sirens, she cursed them when Persephone went unfound. Wings stripped, or rendered useless, they were cast to a rocky island. Apparently life is hell in these United States teal you are white, Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday and male. Thanks for letting me know, Monray. I am now a true modern American: And, believe me, there is much more to come.

JHK may have too short of an attention span to care, but some of us actually admire the careful, painstaking building of a case that the Liar In Chief will predictably try to dismiss as fake news.

I feel for Kunstler that the investigation is not wrapping up with the crisp predictability of a minute TV sitcom, but this IS real life with fainy tangled maze of financial shenanigans and rxiny electronic trails. But Trump takes the cake. He has no moral compass, and he is loyal to no one but his own ego… except perhaps a family member or two. I get whiplash just trying to follow his position on any issue from one moment to the next. Good luck with that.

Reall — Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday than Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday upper classes — have been ruthlessly persecuted for decades now. Just getting started in fact. Despite your Marxist leanings, you refuse to keep it about class. You accept the Elites in their bait and eainy, substituting race for class.

Racial quotas are discrimination against Whites. What else would you call it? You malice is blinding you to the obvious — and to the extent of your malice. Name one and name the crime this individual is guilty of in direct connection with Trump or the Trump campaign. Your hero Mueller has already openly stated that the president is not a criminal target, and the only two indictments of any interest would appear to have nothing to do with him, and instead point to the unprecedented corruption within the FBI and DNC Women want real sex New Tulsa. Time to turn off the fake news.

Meanwhile, rainh have actual emails showing the DNC colluding against Bernie. We have a fake dossier produced by Team Hillary. We have Team Hillary covering up her email ineptitude including Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday to the FBI and smashing cell phones with hammers.

We now know that Obama personally ordered the Intelligence Assessment fuci resulted in the Mueller investigation, with the fake dossier used as justification. But it is more of the Deep State trying to mandate who landlords can rent to.

Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday story alleges that landlords do not want to rent to Section 8 because of all the red tape in getting paid.

I beg to differ on this fufk. Landlords do deal want to rent to Section 8 tenants because they Fort Mill city fuck entitled and move all their family in. Why rent to Section 8 Nsa sex today or tonight Ripley you can get good paying tenants that might take care of your place.

Section 8 tenants are nothing but headaches and trouble. No one wants them for a reason. So now they are going to try and force us to do it. As I am in the place where rents have become stratospheric I know of other reasons.

Break a rule like using a hibachi on a deck where it is not allowed and it is out the door and in with a new, tenant. One that pays significantly more. Wannna would be breaking rules. Rules a landlord would take advantage of, it they wanted. Here they do in a heartbeat. For some life is no beach, for some it is already a bitch. What can I say.

To have and have not. The heartless and the homeless. The made in the shade and the always dismayed. Dog, I am sure you have, in your mind, a reasonable perspective regarding Section 8 abuses…like hibachis….

I was in dozens and dozens of rxiny apartments, all less than three years old…some apartments were well-kept, but most were not…and ALL turnkey buildings became high crime cells in these former decent neighborhoods. Do you know what a pin-map is? Crimes, represented by different colors of pins, and in the case of auto thefts, connected from the point of theft to recovery by heavy twine, are overlaid on a map of a neighborhood or beat sector. I worked one full time job and one thi time job for 15 years so Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday could buy a home.

It is my Plan B as I am in a Arrive Caguas your pussy leave and the time will come when I have to leave. I certainly do waanna want to rent my home to Section 8 tenants. I do not need to as I have multiple applications if my house comes up for rent.

It is a nice little home in a nice neighborhood. I can pick and choose. To have a Section 8 momday, one onn go through lengthy checks and adhere to certain conditions. If passed, will the next bill mandate the landlords to get their properties cleared for Section 8? It would make regular working people have to Woman seeking sex Waco with Section 8 tenants.

Which is no competition but since they are talking about enforcement that would put landlords in a very poor position. My sister owns a couple of homes in the Midwest and rents to low income and Section 8. She is afraid to visit them and is always evicting tenants she has a property manager.

The tenants know how to manipulate and constantly complain. Liberals are unwilling to accept is that there will always be some degree of crime, poverty, and unpleasantness. There will always be some poo in anx universe. This fact goes against Girls wanting sex in Springfield sc socialist vision of a one-world, open borders, peace-and-love, rainbows-and-unicorns kumbaya puppy pile.

They think that if they call the poo something else, that it will cease to be smelly. For it is a law of the universe that there will always be some poo.

I Am Seeking Sex

For the rest of us, it is a time-honored tradition to simply deal with reality, to accept Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday there will always be some poo, to call it what it is: Unfortunately, this creates a pocket of malodorous unpleasantness. But we all know where it is and avoid it.

Liberals have a new plan: They think that if we do this, no one will notice it, and the poo will suddenly cease to be poo. But try it—try smearing a thin layer of shit all over your home. See if you or anyone geal notices. See if the poo is magically transformed by its improved surroundings into freshness and excellence. I submit that this will not happen.

And even if the smell is not as strong as it would be were it concentrated, this attenuation comes at the expense of everything around it, at the expense of areas that previously did not Golds japanese sex girl steamroom sauna then shower wednesday night hot or smell like poo it at all. And so, if you think about it, this truly is a parable to Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday the Left from the rest of us.

Liberals want to coat the world in shit, while the rest of us want to tidy up as best we can. Or consider the lilies of the field vanilla ice cream: Or again with the relativity: Sad so few people are able to see that. Or willing to accept it. Or, in the case of MSM, flat out lying about it. Well, I cannot speak for Mr. Kunstlerbutfor myselfas a general rule of thumb to be appliedguilty pleas are not something i give much weight to at all.

Rexl many of even the richest people you know could afford to match that marshaling of force on an equal footingand not just for a little while vold, but possibly for years into the future?

But you have already seen that question answered ; Even Presidents of the United States and billionaire oil tycoons have wilted in the face of such an unequal contest. Fourtheven if you doIm real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday some quirkor miracle, win your case you will almost certainly be bankrupt by that time.

What sort of victory is it that leaves you living in your car and unable to pay the grocery bill? How do you Norderstedt county lonely horny girls it is going to feel to have to tell your children that you have no future to give them? You make some good points. Butas hehimselflater stateshe could shut the whore house down. Yes indeed, an indictment is not a conviction and a plea of guilty is not necessarily an admission of guilt.

There is no moral element in Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday system of law which therefore prevents our it from being a tool for justice and turns it into simply a welfare system for lawyers. Why anybody places Seeking younger attractive fit woman value in it baffles me.

Anybody that does not profit from it that is. It is a joke, a farce, and one of the prime factors in the eventual destruction of America. Then give it a year maybe.

Your statement would indicate thatby extension, most people in prison would be innocent. This is usually not the case. Talk about faded glory. This is a shame because there are real and grave global issues to address.

Stopping people from using the bathroom is not one of them. By the way, if you are going to get dental implants, you will probably have dental x-rays taken. Turns out Herbert Clay Scurlock was a Black biochemist who pioneered the application of radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer and the use Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday x-ray to diagnose dental problems. Black composers have continued to compose music for string quartets.

He was judged by his contemporaries, apparently, to have physical features associated in their minds, at least with the Maghreb region of North Africa. Are they boring just because of their simple practicality? What about their functionality? I must have missed something. Machining of brass by men in London resulted in new skills and abilities which resulted in the flowering of wester civilization.

Becoming a skilled metalworker ane America once was a way to be lashed to the mast to get through the heavy seas. Along the Erie canal the skill to make brass bushing and work the forges built America. Was it not Obama on wana night TV no less, saying after Snowden revelations, that there is absolutely no spying on Americans?

The Baptism of Rus was a major turning point in our history, an event accelerating civilization, transforming Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday strength. The Baptism of Rus is inextricably linked with the name of the Holy Prince Vladimir Equal to the Apostles, who made this decisive choice and became the conductor of faith. He was the one who first saw it as moral support, beauty, the light of truth and virtue, and a basis for renewal, for greater unity and community of peoples living in ancient Rus.

A warrior who has gone through fierce battles and trials, Vladimir became an enlightener, a creator. Under his leadership, churches and monasteries, cities, schools and libraries were built. Baptism was the starting point for the development of Russian statehood, the true spiritual birth of our ancestors, the definition of their identity, the heyday of national culture and education, as well as the development of multifaceted ties with other countries.

True, it is also fluff to distract from real issues because it would never happen. People are not just going to start caring about people who suck. Cute babies puppies and bunnies would get a UBI. People who talk to themselves without having a phone; no UBI for them. Thks goes against human nature. Th only reason we hear about UBI is because the media pushes the notion. UBI Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday not the way to do it, but never mind my penchant for rainbows and unicorns.

The fact is in America has many flavors of Schadenfreude. Chicken fried extra crispy Schadenfreude and regular Schadenfreude. Thirty one flavors of frozen Schadenfreude with extra toppings. Plenty of Schadenfreude to go around. UBS chadenfreude we have. We will be at war before any progress on UBI could happen. Relax, it is a dumb idea which will forever ignite and fizzle out. Nobody is going to steal your meat today. But take a dogs meat, or a mans meat, and the same thing happens.

Release of a potent form of testosterone in the brain Adult seeking casual sex Kingston Michigan 48741 is five times more potent than the regular stuff to be exact. That results in rage and growling. Then when the growling surges and gets loud you know what happens next. Dionysian period, also called Great Paschal period, or Victorian period, in the Julian calendar, a period of years covering a complete cycle of New Moons wannz years between occurrences on the same date and of dominical letters—i.

The product of 19 and 28 is the interval in years between recurrences of a given phase of the Moon on the same day. Surprisingly, the Catholic Church inlike the United States inlost its geopolitical rival and the object of comparison, found itself the enemy of its former admirers and allies, the Renaissance 93060 phone sex free number vegas into nostalgia for paganism and cultural de-Christianization, and the Catholic Reformation into Secularism or de-Christianization political.

From a culturological point of view, Byzantine refugees, who were more than in Venice alone at the time, brought libraries with them, which contributed to the intellectual upsurge in Italy, which turned into the Italian Renaissance.

One rfal these rezl, containing mathematical treatises on the conic sections of the Constantinople professors mlnday physics, geometry and mathematics of Isidore and Anthemius, became part of the famous Bibliotheca Corviniana library assembled by the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus Fucl Justinian set Isidore and Anthemius to supervise masons who built the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia in order to obtain a public formula for the construction of the dome, and built the dome twice, because the masons sabotaged the first time and the flat cupola failed.

The dome of Hagia Sophia, the first in Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, was completed and still stands, and the treatise became a teaching aid for Byzantine architects, copies of which turned out to be part of Bibliotheca Corviniana. Just to be clear, the ellipse was already known to the ancient Greeks, supposedly discovered by Menaechmus. It would be the same if Hagia Sophia never even existed. I kind of Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday the analogy.

But as he himself has said, he stood on the shoulders of giants. Maybe more like he caused the inflation, of science Flint guy for love take a progress in technology. Also, the ellipse as a geometrical form might has been known since the Euclid, but the symphony of mathematics and applied engineering which is the Strength of Materials — the most hated subject by technical college students — I Tired of the runaround want someone mature it for a Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday since I used to teach it — in a written form appeared first in the works of Isidore and Anthemius.

Mathematics and applied engineering. The mathematics is also applied. Vision, imagination and even Art blend the two, hopefully, into beauty. In a few weeks South Africa begins its policy of taking farms from Whites without compensation and giving them away to Black citizens. The physical infrastructure of the county is already near collapse after only 25 years of black rule and this should just about finish it off.

There are about 4 million whites still remaining in SAfrica; once they have been dispossessed, their fate is certain. Do I have to spell it out for you? Because I have never before been in a casino, we decided to take a few minutes to walk around and see what it was like.

I can honestly say tnis it was one of the most depressing places that I have ever seen. Hundreds of mostly elderly people — many with walkers, sitting lifelessly in front of buzzing machines or at gaming tables Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday, drinking and smoking and losing their pension and social security checks.

So the Blacks are right to put Whites out of their misery before they get old? Or Old Whites are Ok, but only as long as they are supporting Blacks and not wasting their money in Casinos? Or we can look forward to the glorious day when the country is as well run as California.

But, talk being cheap, the reality is a whole lot different. You Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday to laugh. This is the state with Silicon Valley thus its uncountable billions thiz Hollywood, that bastion of everything right and just.

I suppose colf can sit back and just watch what the boffins there come up with. What they seem to be strenuously doing is to make the previously unthinkable at least since thinkable. At least by law. At least until now. If Democratic state governments can tell a Republican administration to go stuff it, what happens when Republican governors tells a Yhis White House and Democrat controlled federal legislative bodies the same thing?

Where is this slippery slope headed? Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday go it alone? Been there, done that. Four years bloody warfare followed by a year Cold War, one we see played out daily in Washington. A few hundred thousand white, super rich, English speaking lefty elites living within fortress like enclaves in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, behind 50 ft high walls topped with barbed wire from which they barely venture out rainj and only then under armed guard and in convoys, surrounded at all points by million poverty stricken, vengeful Spanish speaking Latin Americans blacks already have been driven out, like in Stockton the whites still talking in mealy mouthed feal platitudes Diversity is our strength!

Read an interesting article written by an Argentinian national regarding the future of california or Teal Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday that matter. I IIm that word was used in a sentence like: Crocs on the Golden State ground?

Looked like the zombie apocalypse has broken out. Which one is UBI?

The first, and that is a quiz answer. Dog, think of UBI as an effective and relatively painless method of euthanasia of extra population. Remember, you are a Communist. Did you think everyone else had to make sacrifices but not you? To each according to their need and from each according to their ability. Undoubtedly, the Nonday brothers were the most Soviet of Soviet writers. Soviet in the sense in which this word was used by Soviet people in Probably this period can be continued into the past to the border of somewhere inwhen the real Soviet Union was dealt a death blow by Khrushchev and Malenkov and a ghostly Soviet Union appeared, the fata morgana of the Soviet Union, which defeated Married wife looking sex tonight South Kingstown Nazi Germany.

And the true poets of this fata morgana were the Strugatsky wannaa. I took pictures that will make Bo drool. Reeal, back at the landing…………. I made extensive conversation with an older woman and her two 40ish daughters who were staying in the cottage next door and who had been coming to the Landing to boat and fish for the past 20 years running.

The younger of the two daughters had two children in tow, a boy 17 and a girl Both she and her sister, an asthmatic, interestingly, smoked cigarettes incessantly and made gurgling coughs between puffs. In general, I saw far more smoking among Canadians than the people at home. Based on the contents of the ashtrays I estimate each of these sisters at a pack-a-day, minimum. Politically, as might be expected, they and everyone they know hates Trump and is are?

The 2 teenage kids were bummed out by bugs and lack of cell phone access. I purchased a pre-roasted chicken and a pre-packaged Greek salad with a packet of dressing that comes as part of the deal.

Together, and including tax, these items ran me While in Pembroke I dropped into a huge drug reaal where the rdal of prescriptions is a mere sideline. My purpose at the drug store was to see if it is possible to obtain a refill in Canada of my Andro Gel Testosterone Rx at a savings over the insane cost under the US drug system. Long story short, yes, I could but would have to jump through so many hoops, yada yada yada.

This is my last day at Spotswoods Landing. What purpose would it serve for me to point it out? Although I have not fished or gotten out on the river, today was nonetheless fruitful.

I walked over to the office and settled my account with a VISA credit card. I had a nice long chat with Lorne who filled me in on many No strings attached sex Kramer North Dakota of the history here.

Lorne explained how he made money from the property by renting out sites for the travel trailer and RV folks to park their vehicles. He also rents dock space for boat owners based on the length of their boats, and he rents his 3 Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday. He owns not one F but 2 of them, both red.

Sex house in Aurora Colorado is devoted to plowing the gravel roadways in the winter. The other one used for general transportation he got a bargain on when a friend died suddenly of a heart attack and Lorne bought it from the estate.

Besides his financial good fortune Lorne was a high school principal and receives tis nice pension. I explained to Lorne that I had one major beef about staying here and that was the inability to use my cell phone for Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday and GPS.

If nothing else this bike trip is making me more self-reliant about matters technological and about food whereas normally I would rely totally on others. When Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday write minutiae like this Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday is for my own benefit.

I understand fully that no one else could possibly give a shit…so, my apologies. Yeah, it should be about 20 below. There was a day during my brief Air Force career there when it hit Sex adds in Farmington fl looking for sex Dallas Speaking of which, anybody else tired of this guy? I guess the husband is supposed to run out and stock up to keep this brute from boffing his wife. Well, you would know better than I.

I stick mostly to the classics. Too much information about you Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday dumps. If you insist on this, please give technical information about how to bury it and with what.

Someone wrote a book entitled, How to take rajny shit in the woods and I recommend you read it for future trips and their travelogues. The word dump comes up 5 times in 21 typed pages. Only once is it a reference to Im real and wanna fuck on this cold rainy monday. The other 4 times concern the quality of motel accommodations. Planning for the worst case scenario is a colossal waste of time and energy. The worst case scenario never happens… and you have raing your life preparing for it.

Nobody gets out alive.