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Any cute females go to planet fitness I Am Wanting Sex Meeting

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Any cute females go to planet fitness

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Any other brahs lift at Planet Fitness? Last edited by theculture; at Misc jawbrah appreciation crew Amanda Todd was pretty cute crew Friendzon'd by my own aunt crew Eats fast as fuk feamles.

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PF is cheap for a reason brah. You on dat poverty time? Originally Posted by emille.

I knew about the lunk alarms and tto allowing deadlifts but they really don't have barbells??? Originally Posted by jd Nobody lifts at Planet Fitness. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

What I always say about planet fuktard: I signed up when i went back home to live with my parents for a few months. No bench press or squat rack, DB's only went up to 75, but they do have tons of machines Originally Posted by phikappa.

Lol lunk alarm Is this real life. One does not simply lift at a planet fitness. Check out LA Fitness.

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Don't know what towel u r talkin about Dude at front next never rings the Lunk Alarm. Originally Posted by nilekyle.

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Originally Posted by theculture. It's obvious they dont want anyone swole coming in. There is one huge lb 6'0 guy with arms the Any cute females go to planet fitness of tree trunks, but he never even lifts in there, he is with his GF helping her work fitnesx, lol Last edited by ISmokeTooMuch; at Originally Posted by Ibra I work out there Bunch of bros at front desk Never seen lunk alarm go off, only thing that really makes noise is machine stacks AAny they don't care.

Hot chicks on most days doing cardio plant lifting, less than golds for sure but I notice more women lifting at pf. Never been on a pizza or bagel day Dbs up to 75, besides a few lifts do you really need higher?

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Agree it's always clean, people actually wipe down machines and put plates back. I got the black card for the guest privilege Def has a general health appearance as far as people in there. After perm tearing my shoulder I switched to pf, unrelated to lifting but can't lift crazy anymore due to it.

Last edited by Eskimo; at I can't justify spending five times as much for the only other option Any cute females go to planet fitness But, it's not so bad Last edited by reddanak; at Surprisingly my planet fitness is fitness with muscular bros and hbbs. Its cheap as fuk but mine has free weight barbells and a free weight squat rack so its actually pretty decent for a PF.

Originally Posted by SlootLogic No motivation for anything but diet and training By foreveravirgin in forum Relationships and Relationship Help.

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